Our Ethos

Aroma Restoratives was founded on the principle that our bodies are unique and should be treated with the individuality they deserve.

In today’s fast paced world we put ourselves through daily stress and strains. Whilst our bodies are incredibly resilient they are not immune to this pressure, and living in an urban environment only heightens these stresses. Aroma Restoratives works with nature’s remedies to restore urban bodies to their best and help them to stand up to daily stress.

All Aroma Restoratives massages use traditional aromatherapy essential oils. The art of aromatherapy has been practiced for thousands of years, from ancient Chinese cultures through to alternative treatments for injured soldiers during both World Wars. The basis of many modern medicines come from the study of chemical compounds of these plants, flowers, fruits or roots of natural essential oils.

Aroma Restoratives also understands what fast paced, urban lifestyles require – a respite from busy schedules, allowing time to fully relax and restore both the body and mind and the ability to book a treatment on demand. Bookings and payments can be taken online, and you can be enjoying your treatment within 30 minutes of booking*. 

As Aroma Restoratives is a small business you can also benefit from the same therapist on each visit, who develops an understanding of your body and what it best responds to.

Aroma Restoratives really does offer the best of both worlds – instant treatments when it is required the most, with the personal service, standard and satisfaction a small business can offer.

*subject to availability