Pregnancy and Post Natal


  • Prepares for easier delivery
  • Reduces swelling, aches and pains specific to pregnancy
  • Stimulates glandular secretions which stabilises hormones
  • Increases blood circulation to the placenta
  • Reduces risk of anaemia by increasing red blood cell counts
  • Sedates the nervous system for both mother-to-be and baby

Massage is often most needed during pregnancy and post natal stages. As well as being deeply relaxing for both mother-to-be and baby it also eases conditions specific to pregnancy.

Regular massages during and after pregnancy are especially useful in helping with discomfort of swelling, oedema (fluid retention), sciatica, back and joint pain.

The nervous and endocrine systems also benefit from massage. Stabilising hormone production and reducing nervous tension induces relaxation to aid sleep for both mother and baby.

All massages are tailored to the individual, dependent on pregnancy trimester, post natal stage, and areas that require healing. Choose plain unscented oil, or aromatherapy massage blend using only oils that are suitable for pregnancy.

Please note: Massage is not recommended in the first trimester and Aroma Restoratives will not treat a client during this stage.

Post Natal Massage

60 Minutes
90 Minutes
2 hours
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