Aromatherapy and massage: the perfect pairing

IMG_2287Hands up who books the aromatherapy massage when having a massage treatment?

Chances are it’s not many of you, either because it is more expensive or it isn’t even offered. All too often aromatherapy is either offered as an ‘add on’ service or it isn’t even considered. As a qualified aromatherapist, essential oils are the core of all my treatments and to me a massage without essential oils is a bit like Ant without Dec, fish without chips or shampoo without conditioner…nothing wrong on their own, they just work much better together!

Essential oils, extracted from nature’s plants, flowers, fruits, shoots and roots possess distinctive therapeutic properties which can be utilised to improve health and prevent disease. These can be applied in a variety of ways but the two best methods are:

Massage – essential oils are the only natural product that can be absorbed through our water resistant skin, all other absorbent products are man made. This makes them a perfect partner to massage (using a carrier oil to dilute) as they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream and metabolised in the body. You are also receiving a massage at the same time which is a major bonus!

Inhalation – remember having a cold when you were a child and you were made to inhale a eucalyptus smelling product in the sink with a towel over your head? Essential oils in vapour particles are inhaled through the nose then enter the bloodstream. This method is not suitable for asthmatics (due to the wet condition) but it’s great for respiratory conditions such as colds, sore throats, catarrh, bronchitis etc.

For insurance purposes the therapist must be a qualified aromatherapist to blend their own oils. This is often why many therapists don’t offer aromatherapy blends with massage however there are many blends available to purchase off the shelf that therapists are safe to use. Their knowledge doesn’t need to be in depth…a basic range of blends is enough for the vast majority of clients.

All Aroma Restorative massages include a choice of blends (at no extra cost), which include:

Muscle relief blend – helps joint pain, arthritis, rheumatism, muscle aches and pains, relieves pain, relaxes muscles, reduces muscle spasms, fatigue and cramp.

Immunity blend – immune tonic, reduces illness time, aids recovery, antiseptic, reduces inflammations, infection and antiviral conditions including colds, flu, tonsillitis, sore throats, catarrh and UT infections.

Detox blend – reduces cellulite and water retention, detoxifies blocked pores, reduces oedema.

Stress relief blend – nervous system tonic, relieves symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, lifts the spirits, calms and soothes emotions, eases tension, reduces insomnia.

Female balancing blend – balances hormones, regulates adrenaline, regulates PMT and menopausal symptoms (especially depression), regulates irregular, scanty or heavy periods, uterine issues, cystitis.

Pregnancy blend – regulates adrenaline, balances hormones, reduces high blood pressure, reduces insomnia, expels wind, calms the stomach, reduces lower back pain, helps stretch marks.

Uplifting blend – uplifts emotions, revives, focuses the mind, energises emotions, reduces anxiety, helps apathy and lethargy, relieves nervous exhaustion.

Relaxation blend – relaxes the nervous system, reduces stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and nervous exhaustion, restores confidence and optimism, calms nerves.

So next time you see a massage therapist ask for an aromatherapy blend to be used as part of your massage. If they don’t offer it consider visiting a therapist who does. After all, who does’t want the benefit of both at no extra cost?


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